Hand Care Surgery Center

Our surgeons can treat from the most minor to the most complex hand cases.  Our surgeons have specialized training to treat all parts of the wrist, hand and fingers. This includes sudden trauma or injuries and chronic conditions.

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Telemedicine Urgent Care through AiTmed

Don't delay your care. We offer 24/7 consultations for hand injuries from hand specialists. They can diagnose and offer treatment options over video. If you require surgery they can schedule you in immediately.

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Hand Conditions We Treat

Our dedicated hand specialists can treat conditions like tendinitis, cuts/lacerations, fractures, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, and more. We treat injuries to the wrist, hand and fingers as well as surgery.

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Consult with a Hand Surgeon Today!

Traditionally, your options for seeing an orthopedic hand specialist was limited to going to the emergency room or being referred to one by your doctor. Pacific Hand & Orthopedic Surgery Center in Anaheim offers you:

  • Direct access to hand specialists, on a 24/7 urgent care basis.
  • Online consultations and follow ups available
  • A conveniently located surgery center in Anaheim
  • Board-certified orthopedic surgeons
  • Minimally invasive procedures and the latest technology in hand and wrist surgery
  • Most insurance plans accepted

Direct access to a hand surgeon means less waiting, less money spent and higher success outcomes for complex cases. So schedule your appointment today!

Online Consultation 24/7

Save yourself a trip to the ER and get treatment options immediately online!


James F. Coleman Jr., MD

Specialties/ Procedures:

Hand Surgery

Reconstructive surgery

Plastic Surgery



Tuan Tran, M.D.

Specialties/ Procedures:

Plastic and Hand Surgery


Reconstructive surgery



Elbow & Wrist

Peripheral nerve treatments

Aesthetic hand procedures

Gary Chen, M.D.

Procedures / Specialties:

Hand& Micro Surgery

Orthopedic Trauma/ Fracture Care

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Shoulder, Wrist & Elbow Surgery


Fracture/Ligament Injuries

Sport/Arthroscopic Surgery

Jaron Andersen, M.D.

Procedures/ Specialties:

Upper extremity



Sport / Arthroscopic surgery

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