Unrecognizable male doctor places an arm brace on a patient's sprained wrist. The patient is lying in a hospital bed.

Our Approach

We believe that getting the proper care for your hand injury shouldn't take so many steps or be so difficult. Giving you, the patient, direct access to our experienced specialists shouldn't require referrals or multiple visits to other doctors.

Getting surgery is stressful enough which is why we believe in offering you same day consultation, diagnosis and treatment - all in one place.

Why do we believe in Telemedicine?

The lack of hand surgeons at hospitals throughout the country means that most hand injuries treated at the emergency room will end up getting referred out to a hand specialist outside the hospital. For the injured person this means waiting days or weeks to get the proper treatment they need.

Telemedicine addresses two problems:

  1. It decreases the amount of time you have to wait between getting treated at the ER and seeing a specialist outside the hospital.
  2. It gives you direct access to a hand specialist without the need of a referral.

We believe that by incorporating telemedicine as an option for our patients, we will accomplish the following:

  • Have better surgery outcomes for complex cases
  • Increase patient satisfaction by maximizing the efficiency and time of our hand specialists
  • Save our patients unnecessary trips to the ER which saves them money and time
  • Eliminates unnecessary surgeries by proving expert second opinion
  • Decrease the number of amputations due to the timeliness with which telemedicine lets us treat
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Online visits with hand surgeons and specialists.

telehealth doc

Patients can do initial consultation and follow ups online.


With online visits, you have access to orthopedic hand specialists anytime and anywhere

Sign up and see a hand doctor the same day!

Telemedicine visits are more affordable and fast than going in person and the patient-doctor experience is the same.