Hand & Orthopedic Specialists


James F. Coleman Jr., MD

Dr. James Coleman is Chief of Hand Surgery at Pacific Hand & Orthopedic center. A once Harvard graduate, Dr. Coleman currently holds a dual board certification in both Hand and Plastic Surgery. Specializing in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive, hand and microsurgery, Dr. Coleman has over 20 years of experience treating patients and continues to be a leader in the health care industry.

Specialties/ Procedures:

Hand Surgery

Reconstructive surgery

Plastic Surgery



tuan tran

Tuan Tran, M.D.

Dr. Tuan Tran is a well-known plastic and hand surgeon located in Orange County, CA. With training of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Dr. Tran dedicated himself to be a well-rounded surgeon not only treating and managing peripheral nerves, bones, and joint disease, but also allowing his scope of expertise to include hand surgery. Dr. Tran is notably known for creating the Reconstructive Aesthetic Plastic and Hand Surgery Incorporated Institution in order to deliver comprehensive care to all his patients.

Specialties/ Procedures:

Plastic and Hand Surgery


Reconstructive surgery



Elbow & Wrist

Peripheral nerve treatments

Aesthetic hand procedures


Gary Chen, M.D.

Dr. Gary Chen is the founder and director of Pacific Hand & Orthopedic Surgery Center! Dr. Chen is a prominent hand and trauma surgeon of Los Angeles and Orange County who has been performing hand surgeries since 1989. Dr. Chen has received numerous awards and acknowledgements for his astonishing and recognizable work, is bilingual in Mandarin, and is known to be one of the best in the World for Hand-Microsurgery and Orthopedic.

Procedures / Specialties:

Hand& Micro Surgery

Orthopedic Trauma/ Fracture Care

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Shoulder, Wrist & Elbow Surgery


Fracture/Ligament Injuries

Sport/Arthroscopic Surgery


Jaron Andersen, M.D.

A talented addition to Pacific Hand & Orthopedic Surgery center is Dr. Jaron Andersen.  Dr. Andersen specializes in hand, shoulder, elbow and upper extremities allowing him to provide his experience to helping others with surgical needs. With having Dr. Andersen provide coverage to the Pacific Hand & Surgery Center, he completes the team of brilliant, qualified, and patient oriented surgeons.

Procedures/ Specialties:

Upper extremity



Sport / Arthroscopic surgery