Urgent Care Online

Did you burn your hand? Did you fall and think you have a fracture? Consult online with one of our specialists before going to the ER.

Same Day Specialist

See a hand specialist without the need of a referral from your doctor or the emergency room.

24/7 Surgery

If your injury requires immediate surgery, you have 24/7 access to our surgery center to ensure best results.

Why are online consultations so useful?

Whether you got burned, fell and maybe fractured or sprained your hand or even if you got a cut - it is very possible that you can get a proper diagnosis and options for treatment through our online consultations. That way, you can skip going to the ER and even the urgent care. If your condition requires in-person treatment, our medical clinic and surgery center is located in Anaheim.


Why is getting immediate care so important?

The hand is very complex - made up of many nerves, bones, tendons and ligaments. When you injure your hand, there may be damages to the hand that may not be clear right away. A prompt surgery can be the difference between proper recovery and permanent damage.

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